Take in the scenery

Don’t run! Just walk, so that you have time to take in the scenery. Not everything you see will be good, but it needs to be seen, for a clear picture. Today, like all days before, will flow in its own rhythm. The best way for you to enjoy it is to get in tune with this rhythm.

Your plan for this day might not turn out to be accurate. It’s useful only as a guide, so you don’t get lost in the flow of time. When the unexpected comes your way, don’t be afraid. It is time for a leap of faith. There will never be a way to predict how things will turn out in the future, so your only choice for a less stressful existence is to do your best in every moment using what you have available.

Everyone is in a rush these days, and they don’t notice anymore the beauty of the small things. The speed at which the world is moving reduces our field of view until all we are able to see is an empty reflection of ourselves.

No matter what you will accomplish in this life, the emptiness you’ve been trying to fill will still be there, unless you understand that any of your successes is made up of the small things you did every day. Your fulfillment will not come from accomplishing everything you set up to do, but rather from what you do every day, and how that makes you feel.

No endeavor is worth it if it ends up leaving you empty. So, fill your soul with what makes it feel alive. Do this every day, until you have no more days.

What are you looking for? Are you sure that you need it? So many times in life we run after something, and all focus and energy go into this, only to later find out that what we were chasing is not that important.

The truth is that we don’t know what we need, but we substitute it with what we want, or what we think we want. By doing this, we distract ourselves from what is important, we take our attention from the parts of life that might bring happiness.

We often confuse happiness with security, comfort, and other feel good states, only to learn that happiness is not to be defined, but to be felt. You can be just as happy with or without the commodities of life, but if you have less of them there is more time eaten by stress, and less left to appreciate what you have.

What you have is always to be appreciated, even if it’s not that much. In cherishing what you have, you will make it grow, and soon enough you will be in a better place than you are now.

Happiness has the habit of visiting you when you list expect it. It tends to not be connected to big accomplishments, but rather to be found in the small things done every day, or the little miracles you witness every day.

There is no recipe to be happy, and if you focus too much on this you are missing the point. One way to be happy is to stop running after it, and start finding value in every day. Your life is a miracle in itself.