Sum of our traits

We all are a sum of our traits. What can we do when the result does not live to our expectations?

I don’t have a clear answer, but if we study the facts, there are two things we can do: correct the traits that impact us the most or correct our expectations. Any other way of action is not going to bring any benefit.

Improving the situation starts with analyzing ourselves. We need to identify what works and what doesn’t and what we can do about it. We must understand our thoughts and actions because we need to know what is wrong before we can correct it.

When we are able to construct a clear image of the person we are, life becomes less confusing. I believe we all need more clarity in our lives.

 Sometimes it’s hard to be yourself. It feels as if nothing fits and you wander around with no clue about what you are supposed to do or who you are supposed to be.

On certain days I have to remind myself what makes me the person I am because the way of the world makes it easy to forget.

If we look around, it seems we must all be the same, but that is not right. We are not all the same and that is fine. Our differences and defects are what set us apart, but they also provide unique opportunities.

Each of us has something to bring in this world, but many of us lose faith along the way and try to be someone we’re not, in order to fit in. We will never fit somewhere we don’t belong. To avoid ending up in places that are not right for us, we must always be clear about who we really are. It’s never as easy as it sounds, but we owe it to ourselves to try.