Please stay a moment

The drapes covering the windows shifted a little and a ray of the morning light chased away the darkness in the room. The smell of sweat, of hot bodies touching each other, was filling the space. My muscles ached with every movement. But it was a good pain.

Maggie was laying by my side still sleeping. Probably tired from the night’s work. The sheet slipped and only her back was covered. Her beautiful shaped ass reminded me of the night before and the way it seems to have a mind of its own.   

This last month since Maggie’s banquet was life enriching and full of pleasant activities.  I hardly had any time for my friends. Between University and the nights spent with Maggie, we haven’t properly spoken for this entire time. Ah, fuck it! I needed to enjoy this.

She turned on her back revealing her young and beautiful tits and the black mound of her loin’s treasure. She slowly opened her eyes, smiled, and climbed at my chest, pressing her naked body against mine. Her hand went between my legs and I got hard under her touch.

I cupped one of her buns in my palm, squeezed, and pushed her towards me. She didn’t need any more encouragement and climbed on top of me, putting one of her already hardened nipples in my mouth.

I sucked and squeezed it before throwing her on the bed and opening her legs. My fingers went slowly from her light brown nipples down her tensed belly. Playing with her curly gold hair and slipping in the wetness of her desire.

She let out a soft moan while one of my fingers found its way inside her. Her breath raised and her body tensed feeling another finger going in. I kissed her and pushed my fingers against her throbbing hips. She was dripping down my hand.

I stopped and smiled. She met my smile with a confused and angry look. I went over her tits kissing them and enjoying their roundness. Went down and licked the sides of her hips turned on by her body’s response to my touches.

She thought she knew what was coming and relaxed a little just to tighten again when she felt my tongue over her wet pussy. But she gave in to the feeling and met me at every move with her throbbing hips. Her pleasure grew with every lick and my prick was as hard as a rock. So, I pulled her to me and pushed myself inside. She took me in with a gushing sound and a pleasure moan. I lay over her body. Kissing her lips while I moved in and out of her. Taking every breath together. Her soft moans went louder as the point of her climax came closer and this made me came closer to mine and thrust harder to meet her.

As I went slower and deeper I felt her letting go inside and a cry of pleasure went out of her. Feeling this I went faster, to make me come, looking into her eyes.

I first saw the amazement on her face while her body arched under me, just before she started crying in pleasure. This was it for me. I pulled out from her plumped pussy and let go of my seed all over her belly and collapsed by her side.

We both stood there gasping for air.