Still relevant?

In front of you are some things that you’ve been planning to do for a while now. Are they still relevant? Do you still want to do them? If they don’t matter to you then you should give them up, and in doing so also give up the regret of not doing them until now.

With time, people change, and you are no exception. By now, you are a different person, with different desires, and different priorities, so it’s only natural for you to not want the same things forever. Instead of trying to do everything you had planned a long time ago, maybe you should stop and check if what you are doing still matters to you. If it doesn’t, then you should turn your attention to something else.

Giving up on something that you put a lot of work into is difficult, but if it’s no longer good for you, isn’t it harder to still be doing the same thing? Don’t worry, all the time and work that went into pursuing this thing is not lost. It has transformed you into a different person, one that now needs to pursue something else.

You have always been focused on doing the thing. Maybe it’s time to focus on growth. This way you will succeed, no matter what you’re pursuing. The loyalty you have for the things you work on is a useful trait, but it becomes an obstacle when it stops you from letting go of what is no longer useful.

Always think about what is important to you, and make sure that what you are doing is taking you closer to that. If it’s not, don’t be afraid to give it up and change direction.

There are only so many ways you can try to do something before you need to admit that you need help. Now might be a time when you need to ask for help because you already did all that you know, but the results are not showing.

You need a new approach. That means it should come from someone else. Someone who sees things from a different perspective. No matter how hard you work, sometimes you get stuck. It is then when having someone who can see the situation from the outside can prove to be valuable.

You’ve been in this situation for a long time, and by now, you are only reusing old ideas. These ideas got you to this point, but you’ll need something new to move you further. For someone who sees things from the outside, it is easier to see something that is blocking your way.

The thing keeping you stuck might not even be that difficult, but because you never look its way, it is impossible to see it. That is why you need someone to direct your attention to where you don’t usually look because it is where you can find solutions to problems you’ve been facing.

Remember that once you do all that you know, and all that you can think about, it is no shame in asking someone to look at the problem because solutions are not always where you look for them.