Same thoughts

Where did your drive go? Where did your inspiration go? Lately, there’s nothing new going through your mind, only repeating thoughts trying to sound different.

Lighten up! It’s not all bad. Now you can do anything. Let your thoughts wander to places you are afraid of, places that you forgot existed, places that you kept hidden. Your mind will come up with new thoughts once you allow it to expand beyond what you already know.

It can’t come up with something different if you keep feeding it the same things. Don’t give up on what you know, but don’t make the mistake of believing that what you know is all there is.

In every moment you are alive, there is something that you can learn. You’ve been missing many of these moments during your life. So many that you started to believe there’s nothing to learn. Well, this is where your problems come from. You no longer accept what is different from what you know.

How can there be inspiration and growth if you keep your mind closed? Allow it to experience new things, regardless of how much they frighten you. It is in different and diverse experiences that you will find out new things about yourself. In these experiences is where your mind grows.

You’ve been looking for inspiration in the wrong places and in a wrong way. You will find it everywhere when you learn to let go of trying to control everything and understand that you know nothing.

It feels like all of your life you’ve been preparing for something, but you don’t know what it is. You are doing everything you know to become a better person, to improve as much of yourself as possible. Sometimes it feels like the work is in vain because you have no idea where you’re going.

Your efforts are not about that. It’s more of a preparation meets opportunity approach. The frustrating part is that you don’t know when the right opportunity will show up, so you need to always be aware of what happens in your world.

At times, it becomes tiresome to pay attention to every little thing and you have to choose what to focus on. This creates extra frustration because you are afraid that your opportunity has already passed, while you were not paying attention.

This is not how it works. The opportunities that are for you will come around many times, under different shapes, and you will see them when you are ready. Keep working on becoming a better person, and trust that it is not all for nothing. The effort you put into your preparation creates results, and even when it seems they are useless, there will be some use for them.

Do what you know, learn, and keep growing. Even if you never find what you’re looking for, you’ll gain a lot from being prepared for what life throws at you. Expect from life only what you want, but at the same time, prepare for everything else.