Point of view

Why do we insist on making our life harder? We all did it at one time or another. Why is it so difficult to take everything for what it is?

From my point of view, the preconceptions we created in our minds can help us but at the same time, they can hinder our growth. They help us when the goal we need to reach is kept strong in our minds through adversities. When our mind does the same with fears and wrong images it hurts us because we are not allowed to see past the problem and thus solving it.

We borrow from everyone and everything trying to fit in. What we fail to understand is, covering up who we really are denies the meaning of our lives. You can’t be yourself while trying to be like everyone else. Though it takes courage to show yourself to the world, I see no other way to evolve.

We all look at the world through broken glass and assume what we see is the truth. We don’t stop for a moment to question what is in front of our eyes.

It is time we make a change. We must become aware of the way we have been perceiving the world, and see the truth. Until we stop using the broken glass filter we can’t be sure of what we see.

This filter is formed from the thoughts inside our heads. Everything that happened with us, every thought we had, every lie we told ourselves, put a new crack or a new scratch in the glass we were looking through.

By now, some cracks are too big to fix but most of them can be removed. It will be a lot of work but the result will be a clearer vision of life. I believe clarity is what we all want. It is what I want.