Never completely ready

It is not easy to go through life with no idea of what you are doing, but many of us live exactly like that. We live like this because life is a series of unpredictable events that we need to cope with. Most of them can’t be avoided. To make things easier, even pleasurable, we must learn to trust our abilities and the way we think.

Everything that happens can be seen in two ways. You can either see life as something that is meant to crush you, and there is nothing that you can do to make things better. The other way is to see life as a learning experience, an experience meant to make it better, even when it doesn’t feel so.

All that shows up in your path can be an obstacle or an opportunity to learn. It is your choice what it will become. Preparation is useful because it allows you to limit the risk for certain endeavors, but too much of it can work against your success.

By waiting for too long, and trying to be ready for whatever may come up, opportunities will pass you by. Most times you will have no other choice but to jump straight into the unknown, and hope that you will figure out what you need to do, along the way.

Stop running from what you don’t know only because it frightens you, and start running towards it. This is a sure way to grow. It will not be long before you become a person that embraces life, rather than shy from it.

Wonderful as it is, life can sometimes be unfair. It’s not a good thing to break down when something that is not right happens.

Time is always moving forward, and we are forced to keep up. Along the way, there will be moments when we will want to speed it up or slow it down, or even freeze it still. It will not be possible. At this moment you are all that you need to be. The person that you see in the mirror is good enough for all that you need to accomplish.

You might not be ready to start on what is important to you, but you will never be completely ready for anything. The only way is to just begin now, with what you know and with what you have. Everything else, you will have to figure out down the way.

 The only ally you have on this life’s journey is your mind. It has the power to give you strength when there seems to be none left. It can provide answers when they are needed. It can provide clarity when confusion is all around.

At the same time, your mind can prove the strongest enemy that you will ever face. It can tell you lies when all you need is the truth. It can take your energy and use it against you. It can convince you that you are not good enough.

The mind can be everything and anything. It can help or it can hinder your progress in life, but you are the one making the choices. You are always the one to give energy to one side or the other. Pay attention to what you think, and make sure those thoughts bring value to your life.