Heart knows

Why do you find it hard to keep your mind here? It keeps on jumping from moment to moment, but it never stays in one place for long enough to understand something from it. You are not able to face what is in your life now and your mind is trying to help by going anywhere else, except right here, right now.

By now, you must have realized that avoiding the truth is not working, it only guarantees that you will face a bigger problem later. But if you don’t want to accept reality and you don’t want to do something about it, what else is left to do?

You already know what’s to be done, but you’re afraid to do it. Now you still have a choice, but when you get to a point when it will hurt more to avoid the problem, doing what needs to be done won’t be a choice. And when you are forced into action, most times you’ll be unprepared, and that’s why things will be more difficult than if it had been your choice.

Take a moment to understand what’s happening, and find something to hold on to for long enough to regain balance. Look at how you do things. Notice where your mind goes. Listen to what your heart tells you. It will become clear that now is the time to do the things that you are afraid of. If not, they will always keep you trapped.

All that you want is already available to you, but you need to convince yourself that you can get those things, reach those goals, and find those solutions.

When you know that something is true there is no need to convince yourself of that. There is no debate in your mind about it. Some call it faith, others call it trust. And it is both. But most of all it is a feeling. A feeling that can’t be pushed away. A feeling that will stay with you regardless of your reality.

Life tends to put to the test what you hold in your heart and your mind. And when reality is quite different from what you have faith in, faith looks like being crazy. To be honest, it is a little bit crazy to keep faith when nothing confirms it, but isn’t this what faith is about?

Some things, you’ll have to do even if they seem to go nowhere, as long as they stir something inside you. When you feel a pull on your heart there is no other option but to go with it. The destination might be unclear, but its only purpose is to give you something to chase. The real benefits come from the process you’ll undergo while getting there.

Your heart knows things before your mind does, and it knows them with a certainty that your mind can’t comprehend. The mind doesn’t need to understand. It only needs to listen and follow. This is where faith comes in.

Faith is that feeling of complete certainty about something that can’t be seen by your eyes or understood by your mind. It can only be felt by your heart, and that is what makes it real.