Control is an illusion

Control is an illusion. It has always been this way. I have chased this illusion many times, wanting to make everything align with what I believed to be right for me. More than once I was proved that life is not ours to control, but ours to live.

Once I have accepted this truth my view changed and I was able to understand that everything coming my way is an opportunity to learn and evolve.

Most of the time it won’t be easy to trust all will work out for the best when the present moment brings pain and suffering. We have the power to see past what is now in our life. When we learn to use it, no obstacle is going to be able to stop us.

I know not what I’m doing, but I trust my choices and own up to them. I discovered this way works for me. It diminishes anxiety and allows me to enjoy life. The less I second guess my choices the calmer I am. Being calm offers clarity and this helps me make better choices.

My choices aren’t always the right ones, but I consider them to be the best at the time they are made. This way I won’t beat myself about something that is not in my control.

Life can be considered a series of choices that we need to make, even when we don’t want to. So, the ability to make our own choices and stand by them might be the most necessary for our development.

Uncertainty is a difficult thing to live with but is the only certainty we have in our lives. No amount of preparation will ever make everything go exactly as we want. Life will throw surprises in our path. Surprises that will change our course and point us towards an outcome we haven’t predicted.

For many of us, not getting what we want, when we want it, might seem a tragedy, but that is only because we are stuck in our mind and can’t see the big picture.

Not knowing what awaits us at every step of the way is a blessing because it allows us to hold and follow our beliefs no matter what happens. We are free to become whatever we want.