Busy about nothing

All day we are busy with things that we think are important, but we rarely stop to check if they really are. We have lost sight of what matters in life, and how something that matters feels. It is important to remember how it feels something with purpose.

Our time is important, and regardless of our wishes, it goes at its own pace. We tend to understand late in life that the amount of time is less important than what we manage to do in that window of opportunity.

Like obedient little robots, we spend days all the same, putting our attention into activities that only pass time. This way, your mind gets numb, and it becomes harder to have initiative, to question things, and even to connect.

Connection is the main catalyst for our society, and it is important to all individuals, even to the ones that don’t want to admit it. But connection needs time and intention to be achieved, and when our attention is wasted on mindless things, there’s little to none left for what matters.

Your time is yours to do with it what you want, but please understand that what you choose to do with it will impact other people, too. In the same way, what others choose to do with their time will impact you.

We are all connected by the way we use the time we share, by the actions we take, and by the way, we respond to the world. Stop mindlessly going about a life that has no meaning. Pay attention to what matters to you and live it.

The way you see the world changes based on your life experiences. What is important now, will not necessarily be of importance later, and the things that you ignore now can become important later in life.

There is no way to know beforehand what you will deem important in the future, but you can develop a certain flexibility that will allow you to take on the unexpected without losing balance.

Don’t blame the you from the past based on information available in the present. You did your best you knew with what you had available then, and that is the best any of us can do.

The person you are today will be gone by tomorrow, only to leave room for someone new. This new you is a result of all that you did in the days before. No amount of regret will ever change that.

If you don’t like who you are today, start working on the parts that need improving. Your actions today are the only way to create a better you, tomorrow. Nothing is fixed about who you are unless you choose it to be.

The way you choose to use your energy every day will define the path you follow. This will happen regardless of your wishes or desires. In other words, what you do consistently will always be more important in your personal development than any single event that you consider important.

You are, and always will be, the sum of your actions. The sooner you manage to accept this, the sooner you become able to influence the outcome. In this current moment, you are creating the future, you must give up the past, and surrender to the present. All at once.