Accept the truth

Your head is heavy today, and it makes it hard to do the things that you need to do. So, what is to be done? You know that doing nothing is not a choice, that’s why you are trying to find things that you want to do so that you can avoid the things you have to do.

That won’t work. You tried it before. All that you are doing is to make everything harder than it needs to be. The progress you want to make does not come from doing things that distract you. It comes from doing the things that must be done.

You can avoid what is in front of you for a while, but you can’t keep doing it forever. At a certain point, you’ll have to accept the truth. Nothing changes if you keep doing things the same way every time. So, to stop feeling this way, you’ll have to do the things you’ve been running from.

This might not be what you want, because it takes you out of comfort, but you know it to be true. What other options do you have? Are you willing to spend all your days doing nothing, while complaining that nothing happens?

All that you are trying to run from, is what life is made from. And, to live, you’ll have to stop running from life and stop avoiding what comes your way. The more you’ll embrace life, the lighter your head will become, and the easier becomes to do the things that need to be done.

Some things you find easy to do, while others you try to avoid doing at any cost. What if something you don’t like to do needs to be done? What then? When it comes to what needs to be done your feelings should not be deciding factor. If it’s important, and it must be done, then do it.

Stop trying to find reasons why this thing should be done or reasons that you can use as an excuse not to do it. In life, there will always be things that you wouldn’t do, if given a choice, but that you know will improve your life, if done.

Of course, you can complain that it is not fair that you have to do this, and that you wish that you could do something else, but that won’t change what is in front of you. What is in front of you is what you should focus on. There is no other way to escape it except doing what needs to be done. No amount of thinking will modify the situation if you are not doing the work.

If you are honest with yourself, even when it comes to what you love, there are parts that you don’t enjoy. And that is fine, but you need to do those also so that you can get back to what you like. This is the way it goes with everything in life. The faster you do the things you don’t like, but need to be done, the faster you can return to doing the things you like.