A thousand people

A thousand people are fighting for space in my head. My reality is enticing for them, not because is beautiful or perfect, but because is real.

My mind is the only way any thought swimming around in there can come into existence. And they are vicious. Most of them are harmless, but some are scary. And when a thought becomes strong enough it jumps out. It becomes solid and I can feel its weight. It pressures me to act upon it.

As my thoughts swarm around like an overpopulated koi pond, I have to pick to right one to give strength to. It’s not that easy.

It is hard. So hard that at times I just feel the need to silence all my thoughts. But they won’t listen to me, they want to be alive, to come into the world.

Sometimes I manage to calm them down for a while. This happens rarely, and I then have to pay the price for it, because then it seems like all of them come forward at once.

At this time some of the monsters come out. And they are smart. They don’t look like monsters.

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Ciprian A.

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