Dreams were given to us as a guide. A guide to what we can become, but most of us don’t have the courage to follow and trust them. So we go on living from day to day waiting for someone or something to make everything better, to make our wishes come true.

I’m not saying it can’t happen like that, but it’s an empty way of going through life. A way that brings no satisfaction, even if you are given what you wanted.

We tend to run from the necessary work to pursue what we wish for. We want the benefits, but we are not willing to do the work, to feel the pain involved in striving towards what we’ve seen in our mind.

I would have thought like this if my mother and father would have not shown me a different way. They have always told me to reach for what I believe in, to follow my dreams and be the best man I can be.

Being the best doesn’t mean you have to be better than everyone else, you just need to be better than yourself, better then you were yesterday.

This is the way I chose to live my life and until now it proved to be the right way.

It’s been a lot of work, but everything I succeeded in brought me more than the success itself. The friends, the lessons, the ways in which I’ve changed, those are what matters.

Most of us won’t go after what we want because we are afraid. We are afraid what we see is too big or we are not good enough. Truth is, we are lazy.

If you want to become what you dream to be, put in the work and never stop. It’s the only sure way to become better, even if you don’t get what you want.

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Ciprian A.

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