The story of the wolf

The door swung to the wall and Marcus appeared in the doorway.

-Father, what are you doing? He said.

-I was tending to do my duties, until now, James said smiling.

-Don’t you want to tell me a story? Marcus said coming by his father’s side.

-Yes, guess I could take a break from all this, he said swinging his arm over the desk. Let’s go outside. We’ll sit under the walnut and I’ll tell you a story of the wolf.


Marcus was already running down the stairs before James lived his study. He liked the stories his father told him, and more, he liked spending this time together.

When James got in the yard, he was waiting on the bench, under the tree, gesturing for his father to hurry.

-You should take me easy, I’m not a yang man anymore, said James, taking his place by his son.

-Dad, stop stalling, and tell me the story, Marcus said, fiddling for a better position.

-Fine, fine.

“It is said that at the beginning of the world, before even time started, Mesa was building all beings that will come into the world. He built them from wood, stone, mud and breathe life over them.

During this time the Evil one came to Mesa and asked to be allowed to make a being of its own.

Mesa being as good as he is allowed this.

So the Evil one went and built a wooden beast, the size of a house, and called it a wolf. Mesa looked at this and sent it back, asking the Darkest of souls to make it smaller if it wanted to come to life. It accepted and the second time he came its creation was the size of a horse. ” Still too big, said Mesa. You must make it the size of a big dog”

Without much pleasure, the Evil one went back to rebuild its animal. And the third time it came, Mesa accepted its creation and breathe life into it.

So the wolf came to life. And it was beautiful. But the King down under, being what it is, was not content with this and ordered the wolf to eat Mesa.

Smiling the King of Light spoke to the wolf telling it to eat his master. And now it went after the Evil one. So it started running, and the wolf came after. And they run through forests and hills and when they came by a lake there was a young man fishing. To escape the beast, Evil one entered the young man, hoping to escape. But it didn’t work, because the wolf caught and eat the man.

And it is said that is the reason why sometimes wolves attack people because they have the Darkness in them.

A long time after this happened, after the world grew and became what we know, Mesa, in his love for humans gave an old shepherd a chant it’s said to stop the wolf and make it your brother.”

-And what is this chant? Marcus asked

-If you let me, I’ll tell you.

“So the chant goes like this:

“” The wolf comes from the wild

Under the sky at night,

Making you fill with fright

Don’t be scared, sweet child.

You should make no pother

Take it as your brother,

Cause the wolf knows

The way of the woods,

Of the secret paths,

Leading out of darkness.

And he’ll show the way

To the place, you pray

And when the end is near

Will take away your fear

And bring you to the start ””

-Father, will this work if the wolf comes for me? Marcus asked.

-I don’t know son. And I hope neither of us ever finds out. Now, what do you say? Can I go to my things?

-Don’t you want to tell me another story? I like your stories.

-Maybe some other time, child. As much as I like being with you, telling you these stories, I have responsibilities I must assume.

-I don’t understand. If you like it, why not do it?

-You’ll understand later when you grow up, James said standing.

-You always say that.

-I say it because it’s true. Now, go play. And watch out for the wolf, James shouted smiling while walking away from the bench.