Meeting the Lady of the Tower

Now that the king of the Snow Land was on our side and he understood the truth of the fret we are under, my time in Kanfrost was ending. By the end of the next day, I’ll already be on a ship that’s going to take me to the Star. For things to go the way I see it in my mind I need everyone’s help. For that, the Lady of the Tower, the woman in charge of the Star now, will have to join paths with us.

The trip went without any events. The shape of the island is starting to be visible. I’m standing on deck bathing in the sun’s warm light. A blessed feeling after the cold I had to endure in Kanfrost.

I’ve been to the Star a few times before. But it seemed my brain blocked part of my memories because when we got close to the shore the smell surprised me. And I remembered. By the time the ship entered the harbor I didn’t feel the smell anymore, thanks to Mesa. 

Once my feet rested on solid ground, I put the crowded and noisy harbor behind me and started my walk toward the tower at the center of the city. The residence of the one I needed to see.

The streets of the city told a different story than the one you found coming from the sea. The black stone of the roads against the white walls of the houses made it look like a place from a story. The deeper I went the smells and sounds of the harbor gave place to the pleasant aroma of the sea.

As I found my way through the streets, the tower was growing. After a while, the alleys I’ve been walking opened up into a round market.

In the middle of it stood the tower. It was the tallest building I have ever seen. For a moment I was stopped looking at the wonder in front of my eyes. As I was standing there two men, looking like city guards made their way to me.

-Lord Rights, welcome on the Star, one of them said.

-What? I said, awaken from my daydream.

-The Lady of the Tower is waiting for you. Please follow us, the other guard said.

Thou surprised by what I heard, I had no choice but to follow them. The door into the tower was solid rust-colored iron, and three times my height. it opened with a loud clank.

Once inside, I was led up the stairs, to the first level, into a room richer than any I’ve seen before.

-Please wait here, lord Rights. The lady will see you soon.

This room, together with the fact I was expected, though I told no one when I will come here, made me feel like a simple man before one of the great old kings.

From behind me came a soft and pleasant voice.

-Do you like my reception room, lord Rights?

-Yes, very much, I said, a bit unsettled. How should I call you?

-Lady is just fine for now.

-All right. Can I ask how you knew who I am?

-You are a smart man, and I’m confident you can figure that out. But to save some time I’ll tell you that I make it my business to know everything that can affect me.

-In this case, I presume you know why I am here too.

-I’ve been told you need my help. Nobody could tell me with what, she said with a trace of frustration in her voice. Like she was used to knowing everything.

-Indeed, I need your help. I need everybody’s help. With what is a bit harder to explain.

-My housemaid will bring us tea soon. So let’s hear what is it that led you here, she said, a bit of excitement coming from her voice.

As I tried to put my thoughts in order, I noticed something I considered strange. The Lady of the Tower was looking at me like I was someone she knew. Though part of her enthusiasm was in anticipation of what I was about to tell her, there was something else there. I felt like I was playing a part in a play I didn’t know. Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me. Anyhow, my way of action was the same. So I started my story.

-Through the work of my father, Lord James Rights, and that of other good men, I came to know something that it’s putting the world itself at risk.

I was waiting for her to laugh as most of the people did the first time they heard this. But she said nothing. Her attention was all on me. Still, I couldn’t understand the way she was looking at me. As she was waiting for me to do something. I didn’t know what she wanted me to do, so I went on.

-I think you are familiar with the House. When she nodded I went on. There is a secret they kept from everyone else. One that is putting us all at risk, if don’t do something to stop them.

-And what is that secret? She asked staring at me.

-As you might know, they are not from here, and most of them want to leave and go to the world they call home. But they plan to do this, using the energy in the center of our world. And this means killing our world and everything on it. That includes you, me, and everyone we care about.

-Let’s say I believe what you are saying. What can we do? From what I’ve heard, the members of the House can’t be killed, she said, eager for my answer.

-I’m working on a solution for that. Until then there are a lot of things to do, a lot of pieces to set.

-I don’t like to go around the tree too many times, Lord rights. What exactly do you want from me? The Lady of the Tower asked in a cold voice.

-I want you to work with me and the others I’ve already spoken to, in preparing the attack on the House. And I need you to do this knowing that it won’t be easy, and death is an option for everyone starting on this path.

-I appreciate your sincerity. I will consider your request and you will receive my answer by the day’s end. On another subject, I have a few questions, if you don’t mind, she said with the same sparkle in her eyes that I couldn’t figure out from the start.

-Of course. Ask away.

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