Under the snow, everything was waking to life. Soon Kanfrost will be full of life. The white cover over the land will give place to the green of the grass. Animals will come out of the ground for the promise of better times, even if just for a short while.

The snow folks came out more often. For hunting or just to enjoy the, still shy, rays of the sun. The coming of spring meant the small ones were allowed outside without supervision, as long as they remained close to the caves.

For the men, this was the time to make their preparation. The warm seasons lasted for about three months. And they needed to make the most of the time they had.

Soon enough the Great Lake will be all water again, and the ice holding their ships ashore will be gone. Then, once again they will go and raid the coastlines in search of riches, and whatever else they could find. This was a time of exploring, of stories to be born, of conquest.

Now, the boys that just turned men in the last year, will have a chance to prove themselves again.

Like this went the life of the people in Kanfrost. In the cold season, they spent most of the time in the underground caves, around fires, telling stories about their deeds during the warm season. And with every year the cycle of their life went on once more.

This is the first time Sigurd Bjornmord will be out on the open sea. He proved himself a true snow man in the past year, just before the great snow came. By now his story was well known by the men in his tribe. The younger boys already looked up to him. Even some of the men saw him differently.

For the time being, he was still a boy. A brave boy, but nevertheless a boy. And the promise of adventure that came with spring expeditions was something he’s been waiting for since he heard the first stories. In his mind, the lands around the Great Sea were the most wonderful of places. He didn’t know for sure in what way, but he was eager to find out.