A new person

My body hurts. It’s not even light and I’m awake. Another day lays in front of me with its endless possibilities, but for the moment I’m blind to that. There’s a pressure I feel. It’s slowly crushing my mind. I can taste it in the air.

One day I will be a different person or at least I should be. I’m getting older and it frightens me. I hope that by this time I’d have more done.

I should follow my own advice and focus on what is in front of me because I can no longer change what has already happened, as much as I’d want to. What is in front of me is as it has always been. I am tired of moving forward blind, with no clue.

A new day comes over the same people and somehow it brings hope. Hope for new possibilities. In truth, nothing changes unless we change. But we, people, tend to refuse change, even when it means change for the better.

We got used to a way of doing things and blocked out everything else. It works for some situations, but in most cases, we refuse to learn. We want to do everything before putting in the time to learn it. We whine about how everybody else has it easier, but we are not willing to put in the work.

Living is hard and scary, but at the same time, it’s easy and beautiful. It’s important how we look at it.

Children are a lot better than adults at living. They see things for what they are, not for what they want them to be. They don’t expect to know all things in the beginning. They just learn. And most important, they don’t give up. I’ve never seen a baby give up trying to walk. They all kept at it until they succeeded.