Moments of peace

She was standing near the fire. Her skin was becoming pink under the warmth. All her clothes were thrown to the side. She was covered with a fur, to keep her warm until the fire gets hot enough.

I got out of my wet clothes, left them on the floor, and picked a fur for myself. For the moment, a long moment, I stood there watching Allegra. The light of the fire painted around her an orange halo. It fitted her.

I then went and set down by her side. She smiled and I put my arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. Her smile made everything perfect and her soft skin under my touch pinned me in that instant, away from all I could’ve considered important a minute ago.

She always was able to dim out my worries and my fears. Through being with me, she somehow made me better.

As she felt my thoughts getting the better of me, she let her own fur fall on the floor and came under mine, resting her bare back on my chest. I tucked my fur to cover both of us so that my hands rested on her perky breasts. She shivered under my touch and her hands came over mine. We heated each other even more than the fire. Her cheek near mine, her body resting against mine, the smell of her almost dry hair, it all made me belong right here. The entire world could go away if I could keep this moment.

But sadly, it’s not that easy. I have to be satisfied with only isolated moments of peace and happiness. And for me, they are worth it.

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