A little push

A little push. That’s what is needed to succeed. You only need to push constantly.

When an obstacle comes in your way you can go around, over, but the fastest way is to push through it. You will hurt, that is a fact, but you will come out a new person, a better person.

I didn’t make sense of the advice my parents gave to me until I started to confront my own obstacles. Some easier to overcome, some not so much. I did what my parents taught me, I pushed until I went through.

Most of the time it wasn’t a pleasant experience and almost every time the outcome was different from what I expected, but every time it proved to be what was need it.

I am a new person due to all I had to overcome. I like to think I am a better man but is not for me to decide. Soon, sooner than I would’ve wanted we’ll have to fight the biggest fight in our lives. Ready or not, we’ll fight, because it is what’s right.

Though all of us are afraid, we know fear won’t stop us from doing what we must do. Each of us has his or her inner fights. Each of us has his or her own reasons. But we all stand as one. At least, I hope we do because it’s our only chance.

The world doesn’t slow down for me to catch up. So I have to start moving if I want to make up the distance. In the last months, I’ve been living more in my mind than in the real world. Probably because it seems safer inside. But it’s no way to live. At least not for me.

I must find the will to return to what is important to me, to what I must do, even if the work ahead frightens me. I believe running from the world, from the decisions I have to make has a good side to it. Being lost inside thought me about who I am, about what my limits are, and finally, about how strong I can be.

In a way, being inside allowed me to find myself. It taught me to trust myself.