We all have our paths

It’s not just me, we all have our paths. Each of us has his or her story to unfold. The story is hard to see when we look forward, but it becomes clear when we look back on our lives.

The path of your life won’t be of your choice, instead, it will be so that you learn the most moving along it. Some lessons you will learn the first time they are thought. Others, you will be thought again and again until you get them right.

Learning what life wants to teach you will be painful at times. Your first impulse will be to run from the pain, to run from what you don’t know. Please don’t do that. Stand your ground and accept the pain. You will be transformed by it. You will be better through it.

Every scar on your soul is proof you are stronger than you thought you were, that you are more. Live life through fear and pain. Strive to become better every day. Embrace the pain and learn the lesson. Stop running from being yourself.

I am a result of life and I’m grateful for every bit. Even for the parts I wanted to avoid. I now understand their purpose. If it wasn’t for all that happened in my life I would not be in this same spot. I like where I am. I like what I’ve learned. I like the man I’ve become. I appreciate my life.

I still whine and try to avoid some of what’s coming my way, but I understand now that effort is necessary even if it’s not welcomed.