Can’t escape our thoughts

I think too much and with no clear purpose. My thoughts go in all directions with only a brief moment when I am aware of where they are going. This takes energy from other necessary activities.

For the moment I am unable to change the situation. All I can do is observe where my thoughts go and try to understand why it is happening. It’s the one way I found to sort them out. Doing this clears up space to use for solving what is in front of me, for what needs to be done now.

Unfortunately, clearing my mind is not an activity to be done once and be over with it. It’s rather something that needs to be done every moment. If not, the mind becomes flooded with all kinds of thoughts, until, at one point in time, I forget which are the right thoughts, the ones that matter to me.

We can never escape our own thoughts, though we keep trying. We find ourselves in situations we should not be in and thoughts come at us. All kinds of thoughts. Which ones do we listen to?

There’s only one way to move out of the situation we’re stuck in. We must nurture the thoughts that give us strength and cast away all the others. It might be hard to do, but this way you will find inside a person much stronger than you knew. A person that can get through this.

In life, you might end up in places you haven’t planned to. Find your inner strength and you will be able to transform everything around you. The longer you trust your thoughts and instincts the stronger you will get.