Treasure time

I treasure time and, just like everyone else, I try to make the best of it. But somehow, I end up with only the scraps of the day, and I try to make something out of them.

For a long time, I chose to blame the world for my inability to use the time I have in my best interest. It is not the case anymore. With age, came the realization that no one can use up my time. I am the one giving them permission. I am the one giving away my time.

Today, like any other day before it, is all mine to do with it as I see fit. The restrictions of the world will apply to this day only if I allow it. The real problem is that I have already accepted many of the rules of this world, and it proves difficult to give them up.

I know that my true freedom is in the way I use the time I have, but I feel that life can get better if I will manage to free my days from the things that steal my energy. My empty days are just as scary as my busy days, so maybe I have no idea about how to organize my time. But I still need to go through each day and have some results to show for.

It is not an option to hide from this day, trying to avoid the responsibilities of my choices. I am the one who decided where my time goes, even if I wasn’t aware of the consequences. Now it’s time to face them. Every day is mine. I choose where my time goes, and if later proves that my choices were wrong, it is on me alone to manage that.

Why don’t we ever find time for the things we say we want to do? Because we don’t really want to do them. I’m sure there have been times when you had something important to do, but found many other small and important things that need to be done.

When what we have to do is frightening, or is something we don’t want to do, regardless of how we present it to the world, we can be quite resourceful in finding ways to avoid doing the thing. It is the hard things that tend to activate this kind of response, the things that need to be done, that we want to do, but the amount of work required seems overwhelming.

Nothing is overwhelming if you can break it into small enough pieces, but before, you need to decide on doing the work. All of your planning turns into wasted energy unless you start acting on it.

For so long, you analyzed everything in your head, and you created a scenario for every possible outcome, only to be thrown off track by small, unforeseen events.

When you plan for the short term and focus on the things that you can do, the surprises start becoming the best part. A surprise is, both good and bad until you decide how it is for you.