Thank you

I feel something great coming into my life. I don’t know how to explain it, but something new and old is present in my life. It’s new because I have never felt like this before and old because it’s somehow a familiar feeling.

My soul is light this morning. I think it is so because I’ve allowed myself to find peace and equilibrium. This two are essential, and together with love can make life an uplifting experience. Can it be that my old soul has finally found the ground beneath my feet? Have I found the one I’ve always been supposed to be?

I can only answer these questions with the way I feel, and I feel like I have reconnected with an old friend. I feel a part of me that was missing is back in place. I feel love, peace, balance, and trust, all at the same time. I feel a book just opened and I am allowed to write my story.

Some time ago, I wrote “My dream life is here… now” and then I forgot. The truth is, my dream life is here every now and I am not allowed to forget this. Every day I find something to complain about, though the blessings upon me and my family are without measure.

Today I choose to be aware of the dream life I’ve been blessed with. I have everything I have ever dreamed of and it’s time to share this with the people I love and then with whoever needs it. The only way I know to do this is through my words. I will put on the page all the knowledge and help I can, in the hope someone will benefit from them, just as I did, writing them.

These words I send into the world are parts of me, so please receive them with the same open heart they’ve been written with. Thank you.