Scattered pieces

There are pieces of me scattered everywhere on this floor. I’ve been trying to make sense of them for a long time. Even if I made some progress, I’m still far away from being whole. I have decided to come to peace with the image I’ve managed to put together. I’ll make sense of any new piece once it fits in with the others.

The image I hold now in my mind dictates the person I show to the world, but how the world reacts to the person I am should not modify the image from my mind. In truth, the world will influence the image I put together in my mind, but only if I allow it to.

For this not to happen I must be clear on what pieces are my own and stop them from being replaced by something that is not really mine. Every day I break myself down, and then put myself back together, in the hope that the pieces I have will fit better together, but it only works when I find new pieces that fit with the ones I already have. These pieces are quite rare, and they don’t look like much before I clean them up. So, they are easy to miss.

For me to move forward and evolve, I need to believe that who I am now is everything that I need to be in this moment. This belief allows me to strive to be better in every moment while understanding that in every moment I am the best version available.

There’s a shift in energy that I’m experiencing. The pressure of the old days is slowly fading away, making space for curiosity. Curiosity that is reviving my creativity. In the last few years, my creativity diminished so much that I thought it was gone forever.

Fortunately, a small grain of it survived, and, now, is starting to grow again. This growth happens in the pockets of time when my mind can relax when there’s no stress for a while.

Many of us are under the pressure of responsibilities and stress, and we pay no attention to what it does to the mind. Each person has a seed of creativity inside, but to transform into something greater, it needs to be cared for, be given time, energy, and attention.

Because we don’t know any better, we focus on our energy, time, and attention, on what is creating tension in our lives. In doing so, we maintain this tension, we feed it. When we change our focus on creativity, first, the pressure from the other things is not that scary anymore, and second, we are able to find better solutions to the problems we’ve been struggling with.

There’s only one person that can do something about the situation you are in right now. There is no single solution to your predicament, but you can act on what you know until you find a solution that works. Give some of your resources to creativity, it will make a big difference in where you end up.