Find my way back

I need to find my way back because I am lost. For a long time I thought that I know what is best for me, I thought I knew who I am.

Right now, things have changed and confusion is starting to grow in my mind. Nothing I do chases it away. All I’m able to do is push it back for a while, only to later have it come back stronger than before.

The way the world functions now is a mystery to me. We are not able to come together and solve our problems. We are all caught in our individual loops and see almost nothing outside of them. The longer we stay in these loops, the harder it is to do something different, to think, or to be different.

Instead of evolving we keep jumping from one loop to another hoping things will change. Nothing will change unless we change. First in the way we think and then in the way we are.  

Where am I heading? This is a question I ask myself often. The answers I come up with don’t offer any clarity, so they are not helpful.

I try to navigate my life to the best of my abilities, but I often find myself stuck in places I never intended to reach. When this happens, a lot of effort is necessary for me to get back on my way. Making sense of everything happening in the world Is a difficult task, especially when you have no idea what you are doing.

For us to participate in our life, involvement is needed. By involving ourselves in what matters to us we come across clues about what directions we should follow and how we should proceed. It might not be the best way of action, but we need to live as it comes and, make the best with what we know and what we have.