You deserve it

Is there something wrong with where you are right now or are you making up stuff because you are not able to accept that you have everything you need? All that you want is present in your life and instead of appreciating it, you keep looking for things to be missing. And if you don’t find them, then you make them up.

Why do you do that? Are you afraid to accept that you deserve all the good that is in your life? If so, why? You are as deserving as any person in this world. There are no judgments that you need to submit to, other than your own. And it is not always fair.

Take a new look at your life, but this time, make no judgment. Take everything as it is, a gift or a lesson. For a while, stop forcing things. Take everything as it comes. Find the good that is in front of you and start to cherish it. Learn to enjoy being and the accomplishments will come without you focusing on them.

There is no reason to panic when you are unable to see a big target in the future. Start doing what you think is best for you now. The action will clarify if you move in the right direction, or at least it will take you somewhere useful.

If your progress seems slow or nonexistent, focus on doing and the way it makes you feel. When there’s no guidance you need to be your own guide. So, stop making up obstacles only to feel like you are doing something. Don’t make life harder than it needs to be.

There will be times in life when you’ll lose something that is not yours, but you’ll still feel the pain. Why do you think that happens? What causes the pain is the severing of the connection that you created in your mind to what is being lost. There was no one else involved in building this connection, and that’s not how it should be.

You have invested a lot of time into imagining something that isn’t here, and it started to feel real, even though it is not. Now that it is lost, the pain is real. It’s not the first time this has happened to you, and probably won’t be the last. To make it easier on yourself, You’ll have to see things for what they are, not only for what you want them to be.

Right now you are focusing on the wrong thing. Yes, the pain you feel is real, but there is no reason to bath in it, to make it the only thing you see. Life is made of many things, and by focusing on the pain, you are missing most of it. You are more than this pain you’re feeling. You are also love, hope, truth, and many more.

Focus on what makes you experience more of the world, and not what causes you to close up. Your imagination will keep creating worlds that can be yours, but they can’t all be yours. From those many options for a life that is not lived, only one will become real.

So next time you lose something that is not yet real, remember that not all versions of the future can come true.