Useful or not?

What are you thinking today? How does it make you feel?

The thoughts you are having are just thoughts. Don’t make the mistake of believing they are you. Many times, before, you’ve let yourself go down the rabbit hole of following every thought you have until you no longer know how to get back.

Inside your mind is hard to decide what is real and what is not. All that you hear sounds the same, and it all seems important. Well, not everything is real, and not everything is important. You are the one who decides what is important.

Deciding on what is important becomes difficult when you don’t know who you are and what you want. Every idea that you have seems interesting, and you go with it until it’s not interesting anymore. That is why your mind is filled with half done things that make it easy to get lost in there.

It’s time for you to clean up this mess. Finish what matters, and discard the rest. Don’t listen to the thoughts telling you that is going to be hard. Everything is hard until it is done. Remember that you are on your thoughts, but you can slow them down enough to notice which one is useful and which is not. Keep only the good ones.

What are you thinking of? Is it doing you any good? If not, why are you still doing it? Your thoughts don’t matter to anyone else except yourself. For everyone else, they don’t exist. They have their thoughts to worry about.

The only one your thoughts affect is yourself. You might think that you are affected by what other people think, but you don’t know what other people think. It is what you believe they think about you.

In truth, all that you hear inside your mind is made up by you. There is no one saying those things about you, and there is no one that can stop you from doing what you want.

In life, you will be met with obstacles, that is certain. But the way you act when that happens it’s your choice. You can either make up reasons why you can’t go past this obstacle, and how this only happens to you, or you can create a place in your mind, where you went over this hurdle, and use that as inspiration and motivation for your actions.

Every thought you have comes with a price to pay and with a perceived benefit. So, when you start to hurt yourself with the thoughts you produce, try to see both sides.

Remember that what people think about you doesn’t matter, because they don’t think about you. They have their worries and thoughts to battle with. You choose what you think about life at all times.