Tested ideas

You’ve been spending most of your time alone lately, and it led you to believe that you are always right. But you are not always right, you just had no one to tell you differently. Being exposed to only your ideas creates a bubble around you that is filled with nothing new. So, when a new idea pops into your mind, it hits the walls and comes back at you as truth. But it has never been contested.

In the real world, ideas become valuable when they can stand on their own. This happens after they are analyzed and confronted with contradicting ideas. Your life is made up of ideas that made it into the real world, and the more they are contested, the stronger they become.

Don’t be afraid to expose yourself to other people’s ideas only because they’re different from yours. This is the quickest way to learn. The world is much more than you made it up to be inside of that bubble where only your ideas exist. The part that you see is not the whole world. It’s only what you are able to see.

To see more of it, you’ll need to expand the way you think. And your thoughts are influenced by the ideas you hold inside of your mind. Well, it’s a good thing if those ideas are not only yours but at the same time, make sure you analyze them before letting them in.

A plant has healthy growth when it can take from the soil all the different nutrients it needs. It is the same for you. There is no healthy growth with only one type of idea.

Where are you heading? You don’t know, do you? You’re not the only one who is confused, so don’t beat yourself up too much. Most people don’t know what they’re doing, regardless of how put together they seem to be.

Some people are lucky to stumble early into what they’ll do for the rest of their lives. Others keep trying different things in the hope that one of those things is what they’re looking for. For you, things were never clear regarding what you should do in life.

Even if by now you found some things that you want to do for a long time, you’re still not completely clear on where you need to go. It’s fine. Don’t try to rush things. Do what you can, and at the same time, look for things that make you feel right.

There is no need to define this feeling because the first time you’ll feel it, you’ll know that is right, and then it will be easy to recognize it. Your best days are still ahead of you, this is the only belief you need in life. Trust that tomorrow will be better than today, always.

If you are honest with yourself, there is no need to know everything that will happen in your life. Even if some clues would make things easier, this is not the point of your life. The point of your life is to learn what it’s trying to teach you.

Before learning something, you don’t know, that is where the confusion comes from. Being confused is a good place to be because it means there’s a lot more to learn.