Talk to people

We have grown apart, as individuals, and for a social animal, this is not beneficial. Technology gave us the opportunity to communicate easily even when we are far apart, but unfortunately, we are not able to truly connect through a screen.

When two people communicate with each other in person, and they get past the small talk, there is an exchange of energy that takes place, they are connected through an invisible thread.

In these times, most of us are not even interested in going past the small talk. It has become easy to obtain what we want fast. When you buy something, it can reach you the same day, your food comes in less than an hour, and you get a date by swiping right.

All these activities need to take time, and they used to mean you had to talk to people. Even if it wasn’t always pleasant, having to do things like that forced us to learn how to communicate better. The way we do things these days makes it easy to communicate, technically, but it prevents us to connect on a deeper level.

It’s not that we can’t truly connect with one another, it only means that we need to be intentional about it, and we need to make an effort. True connection is missing from many people’s lives, and this needs to change.

We need to learn again how to talk to each other, with no other interest than to be fully present in that exchange of energy and thoughts that can happen only between two people.

You have the right to do everything that you want, but this doesn’t mean that you should always do it. During your lifetime there will be moments when you’ll have to accept that what you want is less important than what another person wants.

It is not an easy thing to understand, and you’ll need a certain degree of maturity to see that, sometimes what you want is not the most important thing in the world. Giving up what you want momentarily, in favor of what somebody else needs can prove to be a good decision for you.

What you give up doesn’t have to always be of great importance to you, but it can make a big difference for the other person. Maybe you don’t see a reason to let go of what you want in favor of what someone else needs, but there should be no other reason than because you can.

Your help can change the life of the person that you are giving it, even if you don’t see it like that. In truth, you are helping in more ways than one. The energy and the time used to help somebody in need are just as big of a gift for them.

There will be times when the help you provide, even though it gives the other person what they need, will not be appreciated, and that is all right. Do all that you want in this life, but make room for what others need, also.