Patience and moral values

Standing still has become a challenge in a world that never seems to slow down, but it’s necessary.

Letting yourself be moved by what is happening around you might seem easy to do, and in the short term, it might even be beneficial. In the long term though, taking your time to move in the way you see fit will be a better approach.

When you close the door to the world and are only left with all your dreams, fears, and everything else inhabiting your mind, that is when you can uncover who you truly are.

What you will discover is not always pretty, but it’s still you. It is important that you understand this. Every part of you comes together to create a person like no other, but for that to happen, you need to accept all of them as being yours.

Accepting all that you are takes effort, practice, patience, and also forgiveness. These traits are no longer treasured nowadays, even if they can transform people’s lives.

Being patient is something we don’t know how to do anymore. All we want is to have results as fast as possible, but everything that we do needs time to grow and become what it’s meant to be.

Talking about patience and being still does not mean you have to do nothing, but rather that you need to allow what is necessary for all things to evolve, including yourself. Choose your actions wisely and give them time to work. You still need to act but from a place of balance.

Trying to do the right thing all the time gets tiresome, but for some of us, we know no other way. For us, there is no other choice but to do what our values dictate.

There will be moments when you will want to be able to ignore these values, so you can have it easier. The truth is that the easier path is the one most aligned with who we are inside. So, if the values you guide yourself by have become part of who you are as a person, you can only act in line with them.

From the outside, having no moral guidelines might seem an easier path, but it is not. Every one of our actions has consequences, for ourselves or for other people. Being aware of the consequences is important in any situation.

This awareness, combined with your values, will not let you act if you know your actions will bring harm to someone. Having a set of moral values is important because it provides an inner compass when things become confusing. Values can help you find your way back into the light.