No excuses for life

Every morning I wake up a different person from the one I was yesterday, but many times I end up acting like I did the day before. I want to believe that every day starts new and all is possible, but I stand in my own way. I tend to evaluate my future progress based on the way I acted in the past, but this is not correct because, in this present moment, I am a different person.

Knowing the future before it happens is something many of us wish for, but I believe we want stability, something certain to base decisions on. None of us can see the future in detail, but each one of us can learn as much as possible about who we are.

The more you know about who you are, what triggers you, why you do and say certain things, the easier it becomes to “predict” your own future. To help your predictions, you can create in your mind an image of the future you desire.

By using this image, you created as a beacon, you can work on who you are until you become the person that can bring the image into reality. The road from image to real world is never easy and is different for each of us. It is meant to test you in ways you never imagined. It will ask you for patience, determination, perseverance, and a lot of faith.

Many times, along the way you will be tempted to give up and settle. There is nothing wrong with being content with where you are, but if there is something in your soul that is telling you to push forward, then listen, and go for it.

Excuses are something that we are trying to hide behind, but even if they are good enough to fool ourselves, it only means we are afraid to take on the responsibility of what is asked of us. Nobody needs excuses for the things they like. We use them to deflect from the real issue, that we are not able to speak the truth because it makes us look bad.

When you find the strength to trust who you are, with no concern for what other people think of you, there will be no purpose left for excuses. In a world that pushes forward unrealistic models for everything, trusting that you are good enough proves difficult, but only if you look for approval outside.

In fact, you only need your approval. And if your actions are well intended or at least they don’t affect someone else’s freedom, your approval is all that is needed.

I am aware that we will always find excuses for what we don’t want to do, but I am telling you that most of them are useless. You use them only to create a buffer zone between who you think you are and who you present to the world. In time, wearing the outside mask becomes tiring or, even worst, you become one with the mask.

A more relaxed way is to be truthful to yourself in any situation, and go into the world as the person you really are. It will be terrifying the first time you try it, and the second, and the third time. It will be terrifying until you give up all your excuses. Then you will be ready to live your life.