Human condition

Human condition sounds like a disease. It is not right. Being human is not a condition, it is a choice. The illness is all that keeps us from being human.

At times, life is a struggle. The mind doesn’t want to give up control, not knowing it’s limiting its own growth. Fear of change keeps us from accepting what comes, even when is better than what is. The moment we accept change we become better and the fear that was there is gone.

Each step we made in life built the person you are today, in this instant. If the wrong person is steering back at you from the mirror you are responsible for that. You and the choices you’ve made. 

“Which way now, kid? Why don’t you move from this place you are trapped in?”

I am afraid, but it doesn’t feel like fear. Still, I don’t know what else it might be. I can’t identify what frightens me and it left me frozen, unable to move in any direction.

When I was younger I had a lot of plans for who I was going to be by this time. Many of them I haven’t fulfilled and my evaluation of success comes short. I understand I am now a different person from the one who made those plans, but I don’t entirely understand the person I have become.

I’ll try to give up the one I’ve been so the person I am today has a chance to become who I need to be tomorrow.

I already feel the pain of this decision, but it’s the only direction left for me to move in. If I am right or wrong it shall be revealed in the days to come. I hope I’ll still recognize the person staring back from the mirror by that time. 

Thoughts and memories are what’s left of us, if we’re lucky. When dust starts to set on my grave, I wish people remember me or at list what I did. But until the day comes for me to say the last goodbye I must live every day. Fill each of them with love and kindness. Fill them with truth.

I know nothing about many things and I know something about a few things, but it’s enough to understand that the life we have received must be done the best of. I understand to do that by improving myself and everyone around.

People’s souls are precious. That’s why I treasure every bit of kindness and purity I see in them.