Ever felt lost?

Ever felt lost?

It’s not a feeling you wish to know, never-mind know many times. Nevertheless, in life, you will feel like this.

When people around you, the ones you care for, are suffering and you can do nothing to stop that suffering. When good people stumble into bad situations. When the world seems to take more than it gives. At these moments you might not know who you are. Still, at these moments you will find out you are more than you thought you could be. Allow yourself this.

Love as much as you can, care about people, trust in yourself at every step and you will feel lost less and less each time.

Every fight you have to fight, you need to win it inside. Every obstacle, you will have to pass it in your mind first.

Never shy away from what comes in your path. I know this won’t be the easy thing to do. It never is. You will have a lot more to gain when you take every obstacle head-on and find a way through it. It will make you stronger.

And strong is how you need to be to stand true all your life. Because otherwise you will be brought to your knees long before you come to the end of your life.

The sooner you understand what I’ve told you, the better it will be for you. I’m sure at first you’ll fight against your true nature. We all do. But life will force you in line. Then, you’ll have to make your choice.

I pray you to make your choice as a man, standing true.