My mind used to be filled with thoughts. Most of the time, this was a struggle, but I was used to it. Now, I’m able to see space between my thoughts, and it feels strange. Though I’ve been working for a long time on slowing down my mind, now that is starting to work, I’m confused.

I’m afraid that my inspiration is gone because if I am no longer surrounded by thoughts, it will be harder to find some good ones, that deserve my attention. In truth, inspiration doesn’t work like that, because the thoughts I still have are enough to create something that works.

The main benefit of slowing down my mind is that now, I have time to analyze every one of my thoughts, I can ask questions, and discover where it came from, and why this particular thought found its way to the surface.

My mind no longer feels like a tornado that threatens to break everything around it. It is more like a slow river that flows peacefully and brings life wherever it goes. It might take time until I get used to this new way of being, with my mind slowing down to provide me time to be, but I am smart enough to recognize the benefits it brings.

I will learn to enjoy the space between my thoughts. I will enjoy the relief that it brings, and feel the peace it creates in my life. Finding inspiration seems difficult now, but I’ll learn to tap into it in a different way. A way that I can develop, and maintain forever.

Inspiration is a strange being. When you look for it, it hides from you, and when you don’t need it, there it is. Waiting or chasing for inspiration will not help with the work you need to do right now. Start doing the work and soon enough, inspiration will show up.

It is a lot easier to blame your lack of progress on the lack of inspiration than to accept that you are trying to avoid the work. There is no benefit in making excuses for the things that you are not doing. It will only make you feel worse about not doing them.

You need to understand that as long as you put responsibility on anyone or anything else than yourself for your actions or lack of, everything will be hard. When you accept that every decision is yours, regardless of circumstances, or any other excuses you are using, then you realize that you’ve been holding yourself back all this time.

So, don’t wait for inspiration. Just start, and trust that at a certain point, inspiration will take over. In the meantime, do what you need to do. The work might not be good, but it will add up to something that’s usable. With some effort, it can be transformed into something good.

Once you make a habit of showing up to work, and inspiration isn’t your main focus, you’ll find that it will visit you often.