A place for all of us

I am now working towards a future I can only see in my mind, and my reality seems determined to convince me that I’m wrong. I don’t know what my future will bring, but I am certain that it can bring what I need. Moving forward with this conviction in mind provides stability while everything changes. 

It’s not possible to explain the feeling that’s pulling me over every obstacle. All I know is that it provides guidance where there is none. 

I am quite a patient man, but I have times when my patience runs out. They are short lived but still manage to create doubt in my mind. Then is when I need to remember that it is already mine. 

We are all able to imagine the world as we want it, and even if it’s not instantly crafted, we are free to start building it. Unfortunately, many of us fail to see the amount of work and determination involved in this creation.

The energy we put into the world comes from our thoughts and our feelings. If we are not aware of this, we might end up creating a life that is breaking us down, instead of building us up.

Though pain is unavoidable along any path, being stuck in it is a choice. Suffering, as all there is, has a benefit also. It allows you to grow as a person, but at the same time, it can break you. 

For every definitory moment for the person you need to become, you will be alone. That is why it is important to bet on your strengths and find guidance inside.

Moving in silence, I am prepared to make some noise because it’s about time to put into the world what I’ve been holding inside. I am tired of everyone’s feelings getting hurt when the issue is not about them, so I’m going to speak my mind.

This world is a place for all of us, and no one can change that, even if some try it. Stepping on corpses is not how I see my evolution, but if you stand in my way for no good reason, you might find yourself under my heel. I get no pleasure in doing that, but the work I’ve been putting in is too important to go to waste. 

Nothing can stop me from getting what is mine. The work and effort necessary are only tests for the character, and opportunities to learn. This life will surely end before I stop evolving, and that is fine because being in a state of continuous learning is the purpose. 

Having spent all of my time on this planet learning, and sharing what I learn with others, is a blessing. None of my actions are intended to hurt, but no person can go through life cuddling everybody. Each one of us is responsible for how we understand what happens in life. 

I am responsible for all that I do, and I will treat everyone as an equal. If you don’t like it, step aside because I am in a hurry. I welcome new people in my life with no judgment, and I throw away my expectations. This provides space for a connection rooted in truth.